.si domain registration
Check domain name availability

Enter the desired domain name into the textfield bellow. Domain name must not include the extension (.si). For example: If you want to check the domain "http://www.mydomain.si", you only need to enter "mydomain" (without the quotes).

What kind of domain name can be registered under .SI?

Rightful claimants can register any domain name that fulfils the following requirements:

  • minimum of 3 characters among the letters "A-Z" with no difference between capital and lower case letters, numbers from "0-9" and the hyphen "-"
  • first or last character can not be a hyphen
  • hyphen can not be positioned on the 3rd and 4th position simultaneously
  • domain name can include from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 63 characters
  • domain name must not be identical to a previously registered .si domain name (that is still in domain name database)
  • domain names 113.si and 112.si are reserved for the needs of the Police (113) or the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (112).
Provide us the required data :

  • full name (natural person) or company/official name (organisation) of the Domain name holder;
  • permanent residence (natural person) or registered office (organisation) of the Domain name holder;
  • electronic mail address of the Domain name holder (contact electronic address);
  • telephone and fax number of the Domain name holder;
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